Barnstaple Children’s Remembrance Service

On Friday 10th November 2017, twenty one children from our school joined other local schools, to attend the Barnstaple Children’s Remembrance Service in Rock Park.

The children were able to participate in the service through laying a wreath from the school at the memorial, planting crosses ‘to remember’ in the flowerbeds and singing with all those present, ‘One More Step Along the World I Go’.

The traditional two minutes silence was respected and allowed time for individuals’ thoughts and remembrance. During our discussions at school and at the service, many of our children had personal stories to share about family members in the services or historical information of their ancestors’ contributions.

The children also heard from members of Barnstaple Royal British Legion and listened to the poignant words of reverend David Fletcher. The Head Girl from, The Park School, sang a haunting song that her own father had written for Remembrance Day, thirty years previously. All of these contributions helped the children to understand the meaning of the memorial in Rock Park and to discuss the importance of Remembrance Day, back at school.

We all agreed, that the opportunity to come together in the community to pay our respects was important for those who had fallen and for those still in active service.

The children were pleased to be able to contribute to this event through representing the school at the annual Children’s Remembrance Service.