School Health Information


 Contact Details: PHN Team, ICS Devon, Barnstaple Health Centre, Vicarage Street, Barnstaple EX32 7BH

Tel: 01271 341500 

School Nurse: Christine England

School nurses are registered nurses who are part of the public health nursing team and regularly visit the school. They are supported in this work by Community Health Workers who are also part of the Public Health Nursing Team.

They promote the health and wellbeing of children and families, both at home and in school, and can give specific support and health advice to young people and their families.

Usually they can offer direct advice and support. Sometimes they may refer to other people with specialist knowledge who can help.

They may also undertake classroom based health promotion work in areas such as healthy eating, puberty and hygiene.

Parents and carers are welcome to contact them if they have any health concerns about their son or daughter.

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The Importance of Fluid Intake

Some of the wider School Health Team have been collaborating with the Bladder & Bowel Specialist Team and have created three 5 minute videos. They contain really valuable information about “wetting” – drinking water and “soiling”. Please see below for the links to the videos – they are really informative and have great advice about managing “toileting” problems.

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