We believe that the wearing of a school uniform enables children to identify with their school, gives a sense of belonging, is practical and smart, reinforces a positive work ethos and reduces expenditure for parents/carers. It is our policy that all children wear uniform when attending school, representing school or participating in a school organised event outside normal school hours (except residential visits and social evenings.)


  • Promotes a sense of pride in the school
  • Assists in maintaining the focus of the Academy’s work on learning
  • Engenders a sense of community and belonging to the school
  • All children wear the correct uniform to school which presents children as being equal in appearance
  • The uniform is designed with health and safety in mind
  • Parents/carers share the expectations of the school

School Expectations

  • It is expected that children wear the school uniform each day, with the appropriate footwear.
  • the school prospectus/website provides parents/carers with full details of the uniform to be worn (see below).
  • Most items of uniform can be purchased from either the School Office, online or from High Street retailers and supermarkets – see details below.
  • Second-hand items are available via the school office. Parents are informed by newsletter when such sales take place. The second-hand sales are managed by Academy staff.
  • If a child does not wear the correct uniform or P.E. kit, a verbal reminder of our expectations will be communicated to the child and following this, if non compliance, then a verbal or written note will be communicated to parents/carers.(see Appendix 1). Further non-compliance will result in a meeting with parents to resolve the matter.
  • If a child arrives at school wearing inappropriate clothing which causes concern (eg unsuitable for the weather, too revealing, offensive/unsuitable slogans, etc) then the school will provide uniform for the child to wear for the day.
  • PE. kit should be kept in school all week and only taken home at weekends for washing unless more frequent washing is needed.
  • Parents are asked to clearly label every item of school clothing with their child’s name.
  • The children are responsible for taking care of their own items of uniform.
  • There is a container for lost property located near the Y6 classes. Good quality items will be released to the second hand shop. Any poor quality items left unclaimed are periodically disposed of at the end of each term either by recycling or through the school’s waste disposal systems.
  • If there is any reason why a child cannot wear our uniform or requires special dispensation (eg health or religious grounds) then the governors will consider sympathetically any such request from a parent/carer. Requests should be made in writing to the Governing Body’s Curriculum and Community Committee.

Details of School Uniform (Year R to Year 6 – effective from September 2013)

The school colours are green, white, yellow and black/grey.

The uniform consists of:

Trousers/shorts (shorts should be knee length or just above the knee- boys and girls) – Black/grey

  • Skirt or pinafore dress (knee length or just above the knee) – Black/grey
  • Dress (knee length or just above the knee) – yellow/green gingham/ candy stripe – Summer
  • Shirt, polo shirt, blouse (long sleeved or short) – White or yellow
  • Academy sweatshirts/cardigan with Academy badge on – Emerald green (purchased only from the nominated supplier)
  • Socks / tights – plain white, grey or black (tights for girls for winter in white, grey and black only – sheer tights are not permitted) – white socks with yellow / green gingham ruflettes are permitted
  • Belts – Plain black or brown
  • Shoes (sensible heels)- Plain black (Please no open toed sandals, boots, trainers or sling back sandals)
  • A green Academy hat may be worn in the summer (compulsory in hot sunny weather) – green school hats effective September 2014

Combinations such as skirts and trousers are not permitted.

Sweatshirts, cardigans, T-shirts and polo shirts embroidered with the school badge are available for purchase from the school’s supplier.

Details of Nursery School Clothing (effective from September 2014)

Children in the Academy’s nursery are encouraged to wear an Academy green T-shirt and sweatshirt each day. Parents may choose other clothing to suit, but children should not come to the nursery in dressing up clothes. Dressing up clothes are available to all children in the nursery.

A reading bag is given to each child in nursery or reception and replaced in year 3. If the bag is lost it should be replaced at the parents’ expense. Replacements are available from the School Office.

Hair Cuts

Hair cuts are a matter for parents to decide upon. The Academy will, however, not permit haircuts which support logos or are aimed at causing offence. The Academy reserves the right to ask parents to collect their child from school in such circumstances. Haircuts which distract children from their learning should be discouraged. Each child should support a hairstyle which is conducive to good learning and easy for the child to manage with regard to P.E.

Hair bands should be plain green or yellow and appropriate to the uniform. Head scarves and other adornments are not permitted unless for religious or cultural reasons.

Long hair should always be tied back in P.E. for both boys and girls.

P.E. Kit (Year R to Year 6 – effective from September 2013)

  • Suitable warm clothes for P.E. – a tracksuit was compulsorily introduced in September 2014 for pupils in Y3 – 5. It is currently optional in Y6 until September 2016.
  • White / yellow T-shirt or
  • Black school PE top as supplied by Price and Buckland as an option
  • Black shorts
  • White sports socks
  • A plastic bag for wet, muddy kit
  • Trainers (not daps or plimsolls)

In September 2014 a tracksuit was introduced for all pupils. The tracksuit is available from the school suppliers. Pupils entering year 6 in September 2015 will be encouraged to wear appropriate warm clothing but do not have to wear the new tracksuit. Pupils in Y3, 4 and 5 must wear an Academy tracksuit at appropriate times.

As part of their P.E. provision, children in YR, KS1 and KS2 will be involved in regular school based interclass P.E. activities and competitions.  Activities will include cross country, athletics, multi skills, netball, football and other team and individual sports.  As most of these activities will take place outside, children will need an extra layer of clothing as detailed above.

Children may also need football boots and shin pads or swimming costume and towel in order to participate in these sports at times during their education at Newport. Swimming goggles may be worn in swimming lessons – they must be ASA approved. Swimming begins in Year 3. Please note that gymnastics, dance and apparatus work must, in accordance with Academy policy, be performed in bare feet. Long hair should always be tied back. Mouthguards will be required where hard ball hockey is provided.

Art Apron

An art apron will be provided by the Academy for use in practical lessons from September 2013. The art apron should be worn for all relevant activities.


  • For safety reasons children must not wear bracelets, brooches or necklaces.
  • Children may wear watches, but must be responsible for them. All watches must be removed for PE
  • Children with pierced ears may wear stud ear piercings only. These studs should be removed or taped by the child before P.E. lessons. All studs must be removed for swimming lessons to prevent loss and injury to other pool users.

Make-up, transfer tattoos and nail varnish should not be worn at school. Pupils will be asked to remove the make up at school or sent home if this is not possible to carry out easily.

Lost Property

We would request that all items of clothing should be clearly labelled with the child’s name.  If an item is lost or found please refer to the lost property box, which is located near the Cooking Area.  The Academy cannot accept responsibility for lost or damaged items.

School Uniform Shop

 A school uniform shop will be established during 2013-14 to sell used items of clothing. The used items, donated by parents, will be regularly sold.

The Academy cannot accept responsibility for lost or damaged items. 

All items of new clothing will be available from the School Office via our supplier Price and Buckland. Orders will be collected by the School Office at regular intervals and sent off to our supplier for return. Emergency orders are available direct to the supplier, but postage and delivery costs will be incurred. The School will stock sample items for sizing purposes and a small stock will be kept for real emergencies, but stock cannot be guaranteed. Parents are advised to plan well ahead when replacing uniform.

Ways to Order

SCOPAY – by logging into your SCOpay account and adding the required uniform items to your shopping basket – please click this link to SCOpay

Manually – forms will be available in the foyer. Tick the items required and hand into the office together with your payment.

*Price & Buckland website direct – please click on this link to the Price and Buckland website. As a one-off you will register your details with them and our uniform will be available to purchase on-line**.
*Prices are set directly by Price & Buckland and will be more than those paid if ordering through the school
**Tracksuit  and the sports polo shirt are not available through the P&B website and can only be ordered through the school.

When to Order

SCOpay or Manual system – The deadline for placing orders with the school is the LAST DAY OF EACH MONTH   (in the case of July, the last day of term). The school will place a bulk order with the supplier at the beginning of each month and the uniform will be delivered for distribution via pupils in approximately 2 weeks.  All items of uniform will be available using this method of ordering and this is the most cost effective option for parents.

Price & Buckland – You will have a choice of free delivery to school (deliveries are made once a month) or directly to your home where a postage & packing fee will be added.

The price of tracksuits and sports polo tops will increase on the 1st of September 2018. Tracksuit bottoms will increase from £10 to £11.50, tracksuit tops will increase from £13 to £15 and sports polo tops will increase from £8.75/£12 to £9.25/12.75 (dependent on size). Price and Buckland have kindly held the original price for us for the last three years but the increase now is due to Price and Buckland’s annual increase.

We do not have any control over the pricing of garments which are purchased directly from the Price & Buckland website but we have chosen to include this as an option for parents who may, for any reason wish to place an order for home delivery.

Item Colour Size SCOpay

/ Manual

Price & Buckland


Crew Neck Sweatshirt Emerald 20″ – 36″  £9.30 £9.75
Sweatshirt Cardigan Emerald 24″ -36″ £10.50 £10.75
Polo Shirt White or Gold 20″ – 32″ £7.00 £8.00
T-Shirt White or Gold Age: 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-13 £4.75 £4.75
T-Shirt (Nursery Only) Emerald Age: 3-4, 5-6 £4.75 £4.75
Baseball Cap Emerald One size £4.50 Not Available
Sun Hat Emerald One Size £4.75 Not Available
Sports Polo Shirt (compulsory YR-Y6 September 2019) Black /Emerald 24 – 32″ £8.75 Not Available
Sports Polo Shirt (compulsory YR-Y6 September 2019) Black /Emerald 34 – 36″ £12.00 Not Available
Track Suit Top Black/Emerald Age: 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13  £15.00 Not Available
Track Suit Bottom Black/Emerald Age: 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13  £11.50 Not Available


The school will only carry a level of stock to meet the needs of new families joining the school mid-year. Parents will be expected to manage the purchasing of uniform using the schools published system and deadlines.  In the case of requiring items at short notice, the direct order facility from Price and Buckland is available. In the event that the school needs to supply an item of uniform outside of the normal ordering system, surcharges will apply.


The academy has a set of ‘sizing garments’ which will be useful for those looking to make their first order, in particular for the tracksuit. There will be opportunities during the year for these sizing garments to be available, usually in conjunction with second hand uniform sales. Often, when it comes to placing an order, parents will be ordering either the existing size or simply the next size up!
Below is a size conversion guide Price & Buckland use. It is only a guide and may vary depending on garment style, measurement in inches is the most accurate way to order uniform.

20″ age 2-3            22″ age 3-4              24″ age 4-5              26″ age 5-6
28″ age 7-8           30″ age 9-10             32″ age 11-12           34″ age 13

Second Hand Uniform Shop

We collect second hand uniform for our second hand uniform shop.   Second hand sales will be held each half term after school and dates & times will be published on the newsletter.  If you have any quality used items of uniform that your children have grown out of, we would be very grateful to receive it via the school office.