Nursery Sports Week

Nursery have had an amazing week of sports.

All of the children did a brilliant job of competing in the various activities and then the races. The activities included; timed catching of various balls, obstacle course, javelin throwing, jumping races, football goal scoring, bean bag on bat races and relay races. Each child competed in the activity and won themselves points. We then did a running race at the end of each morning and afternoon session on the big school field!

Children were awarded with stickers for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. We then had an overall winner of the morning/afternoon who had done well in the races and that session’s activity. These children had a photo with the trophy! It has been a terrific week. The children have loved the variety of sporting opportunities and we have been very proud of them. It is always a challenge to manage your first races-winning and losing!!!

Well done to all of our Nursery children and thank you to the parents for supporting our week.