Academy Aims



The governors and staff of Newport School are committed to the provision of high quality education.

Our school aims to be a positive, caring community in which each individual is valued and respected. We endeavour to provide a high quality learning environment to enable children and staff to embrace
learning for life.

‘Learning Together, Achieving Together’

Personal Attributes of Pupils/Staff

To foster and develop confident, open and receptive learners, who are able to communicate, think creatively and embrace challenge through:

  • expectation
  • modelling
  • the school’s curriculum and other learning opportunities
  • approach to teaching and learning
  • relationships between all school partners


To encourage each individual to maximise their potential as highly motivated life long learners through

  • recognition of achievement
  • building self-confidence
  • promoting self discipline
  • expectation
  • embracing change
  • commitment

Learning Environment

To provide a welcoming, well-maintained and aesthetically pleasing learning environment, with high expectations of behaviour, effort and achievement through

  • the school code of conduct,
  • provision for health and safety
  • the highest staff expectations of pupils behaviour
  • effective and responsive systems of monitoring individual pupil and staff performance
  • stimulating displays
  • environmental responsibility

Sense of Place

To enable children to value and develop a sense of community through:

  • celebrating our rich and varied local area
  • participating in and leading local events
  • opportunities to experience life and cultures both within the uk and the wider world


To develop and promote positive relationships within the school community, with parents and the wider world through:

  • an active involvement in the learning process
  • modelling
  • expectation
  • opportunities to collaborate
  • high quality leadership
  • effective communication systems
  • family group

Well Being

To provide high quality social, moral and personal education, appropriate to the needs of the child, allowing each individual to lead a rewarding and happy life through:

  • the Academy’s curriculum
  • programme of collective worship
  • school relationships
  • opportunities to raise an individual’s self esteem
  • links to outside agencies
  • self respect and respect for others

Curriculum – Skills/ Knowledge

To provide a rich curriculum that creates meaningful opportunities for the development of skills and knowledge through:

  • a high quality school curriculum
  • a wide variety of approaches to teaching and learning
  • allowing pupils to make mistakes
  • supporting children in taking them to the ‘edge of their learning’


To allow all pupils to access the school’s curriculum and participate in all
areas of school life through

  • an effective equal opportunities policy
  • highly inclusive and supportive learning environment