Academy Facilities


The main Academy building was constructed in 1986.  Since then further buildings have been added to provide modern facilities to meet the needs of the new curriculum.  We have a school nursery, fourteen classrooms, a hall, community room, courtyard, library, a children’s kitchen, offices and a school kitchen.  The children have access to a large number of computers via a wireless network .  Outside facilities include 3 playgrounds, front gardens, a school field, environmental area, children’s garden, outdoor stage and seating, outdoor play equipment and a car park.  There is a strong tradition of successful involvement in art and music and sport as well as improving provision in both primary languages and internationalism. The Academy also caters for the needs of pupils with autism across North Devon through the CAIRB (Communication and Intervention Resource Base). In 2014 a new building offering 6 new early years classrooms and group teaching room facilities was opened.

It is our aim to achieve success for the children of Newport Community School Primary Academy in all areas of the curriculum, including high quality resources.