Academy Policies

The Academy is a state funded independent school which has a range of policies to govern and support the Academy. In August 2011, upon conversion to Academy, the Academy reinstated all existing Newport Community School curriculum policies and other relevant guidelines and policy documents. Below are the new Academy Policies which have been passed by the Governing Body since August 2011. Please contact the school office if you are not able to find a particular policy.

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If you are applying to join our school please refer to the Admission Arrangements for the relevant year of admission.

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Revised 2017-2018 Admissions Policy, April 2017

Please note amendment to Oversubscription Criteria in 2017-2018 Admissions Policy as below:

6. Children of members of staff employed for more than two years up to the point of application or recruited within the past two years to fill a vacancy for which there was a skills shortage.

Nursery Admissions Policy, July 2017

Nursery Oversubscription Criteria, April 2013 – September 2015, July 2013

Acceptable Behaviour Policy, February 2018

Access to Pupils’ Records Policy, October 2016

Assessment Recording and Reporting Policy November 2017

Adoption Policy, September 2016

Art Policy

Assessment Calendar

Asset Control and Accounting Policy, October 2016

Attendance and Punctuality Policy, September 2017

Balances & Reserves Policy, July 2017

Behaviour Management Policy, April 2015

Capability Policy, September 2016

Charging and Remissions Policy, May 2017

Children in Care Policy, September 2016

Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy, October 2017

Code of Conduct Policy July 2017

Collective Worship Policy, May 2016

Complaints Policy, February 2018

Data Protection Policy and Privacy Notices February 2018

Staff DBS Checks and Employing Ex Offender Policy, October 2017

DBS Decision Form Appendix 1

Disciplinary Policy February 2018

Discretions Policy, July 2016

Display Policy, July 2013

Drama Policy

Drugs Education and Prevention Policy

Equality Policy, January 2017

Equal Opportunities Policy, October 2016

Finance Policy and Procedure Manual, July 2017

Flexible Working Policy, January 2017

Foundation Stage Policy, July 2014

Fraud Policy – Reporting and Investigating Thefts and Fraud, September 2016

Freedom of Information & Publication Scheme, July 2015

Geography Policy

Gifts and Hospitality and Anti-Bribery Policy, September 2016

Governor Code of Conduct Policy, September 2017

Governors’ Expenses and Allowances Policy, September 2016

Governor Visits Policy, September 2017

Grievance Policy, January 2017

Health and Safety Policy, September 2016

Healthy Eating Policy

History Policy

Home-School-Child Agreement KS1, 2016 2017

Home-School-Child Agreement KS2, 2016 2017

Home Learning Policy, May 2017

ICT Curriculum Policy

Induction Policy, July 2017

International Policy

Intimate Care Policy, April 2015

Appendix 1- Intimate Care Policy

Appendix 2, Toileting Plan, June 2012

Investment Policy,February 2018

Leaps and Bounds Policy, May 2017

Lettings Policy, July 2015

Lettings Scale of Charges, Appendix 1, October 2016

Lettings Terms & Conditions of Use Appendix 2, July 2015

Hire Application Form Appendix 3, July 2015

Managing Sickness Absence July 2017

Marking Policy, July 2014

Marking examples

Questions that can help to extend children’s thinking

Marking in Literacy

Marking in Maths

Marking in Science

Maternity Policy, October 2016

Maternity and Adoption Support Policy, September 2016

Maths Policy

Media Handling Policy, April 2016

Online Safety Policy, Summer 2016

Management of Outdoor Education, Visits and Off-Site Activities, April 2015

Click here to view Devon/Torbay Outdoor Education Policy Statement, September 2016

Parent Partnership Policy, March 2013

Pastoral Care Policy, May 2016

Pastoral Care Policy-Learning Mentor Referral Form, Appendix 1

Pastoral Care Policy-Child’s Target Action Plan and Review, Appendix 2

Academy Pay Policy, October 2017

PE Policy

Physical Intervention Policy, May 2016

Preventing Radicalisation Policy, November 2015

Probationary Policy, July 2013

Prospectus 201314

Redundancy Policy February 2018

RE Policy

Risk Management Strategy and Policy, October 2017

Safer Recruitment Policy, July 2017

Safe Working Practice for Protection of Children & Staff in Education-Guidance, May 2017 

Safe Working Practice for Protection of Children & Staff in Education – Appendix 1

Safe Working Practice for Protection of Children & Staff in Education – Appendix 2

Safe Working Practice for Protection of Children & Staff in Education – Appendix 3

Safe Working Practice for Protection of Children & Staff in Education – Appendix 4

Safe Working Practice for Protection of Children & Staff in Education – Appendix 5

School Uniform Policy, May 2017

SEND Policy, May 2017 updated November 2017

Shared Parental Leave Policy, September 2016

SRE Policy, May 2016

SRE Schemes of Work

SRE Information for Parents and Carers

Staff Leave and Absence Policy, May 2016

Support Staff Appraisal Policy, October 2016

Talented and Very Able Pupils Policy, April 2015

Teachers Performance Appraisal Policy 2016-2017, October 2016

Videos and Photographs of Pupils and Staff Policy, July 2015

Volunteer and Student Policy, October 2016

Whistle Blowing Policy, December 2017