Admission to Reception Year


Admissions Policy for the Reception Year

Admissions are based on the current local authority’s admissions policy.  The school has an admissions limit of 60 per year group.  Parents who live outside the catchment area can apply in the same way as catchment area parents. Families are encouraged to apply on line for admission to the reception classes.  The local authority will write to you with relevant details for on line application. We do, however, keep an informal list of pupils who wish to enter the school.  Parents are encouraged to register their child with the school office as soon after their first birthday. All decisions about admissions are made by the admissions panel at County Hall.

Please click here to view the Local Authority Admissions Policy and arrangements

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Newport is a popular school. If we have more applications than places available the following oversubscription criteria is applied by the local authority:-

Oversubscription Criteria

  1. Looked After Children or previously Looked After Children who were immediately adopted or made the subject of a child arrangements order or a special guardianship order.
  2. Children for whom an exceptional medical or social need to attend this school is demonstrated.
  3. Children who live in our designated area, with a sibling on roll at the point of application.
  4. Other children who live in our designated area.
  5. Children who live outside our designated area, with a sibling on roll at the point of application.
  6. Children of members of staff employed for more than two years up to the point of application or recruited within the past two years to fill a vacancy for which there was a skills shortage
  7. Other children.

The school admits children in September of each year.  Please telephone the office to confirm the starting date for your child.  Parents wishing to access the CAIRB should approach the local authority for advice about admission to the school or contact the head teacher of their existing school. We welcome visits to the school from all parents. If your child has a specific disability then we will endeavour to meet your child’s needs. We welcome the opportunity to discuss these concerns with you.