Starting School in the Nursery

The nursery opened in January 2006 after the closure of Step by Step Pre-school.  Newport Community School Primary Academy will provide nursery places for children aged 3 and 4 years old accessing their free entitlement of up to 15 /30 hours per week. Parents wishing to access nursery sessions over and above their 15 /30 hours free entitlement may purchase additional sessions.  Children can opt for lunch time provision staying at school for a packed lunch or school dinner. The nursery is part of the Foundation Stage and uses the statutory guidance from the Government which involves learning through play.  (See section – Foundation Stage Curriculum)

Staffing in the nursery consists of a teacher in charge, two full time early years supervisors and two part time teaching assistants .  Often there are students working in the nursery undertaking a range of early childhood courses.

The nursery operates an admission policy through the Academy’s Governing Body (see Nursery booklet) and when you are offered a place you and your child will be invited to an induction session which takes place in the nursery.  At this induction session you will be able to ask questions and watch what takes place during a typical session.  Home visits are available for all children. The nursery brochure gives further details about admission to the nursery and answers frequently asked questions. Please note that a place in the school’s nursery does not guarantee a place in the YR to Y6 classes.