Supporting Pupils with SEN

Newport Community School is committed to a fully inclusive community school where special needs are appropriately supported and talents are nurtured. The School caters for a diverse community and devotes significant resources to the support of special educational needs. In addition to the Local Authority’s CAIRB base which suports the needs of pupils with autism across North Devon, the school’s Deputy Head Teacher leads inclusion.

There are a large number of programmes to support pastoral, learning, physical and other types of needs to ensure that pupils and families feel valued.

Listed below are some useful websites on Inclusion:

e mail to

SEN 0 – 25 and sources of information

SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) developments with the Devon Assessment Framework and Early Help you can find all the latest information on these links:

Local Offer/SEND & transfer of statements

This link also has guidance on the transfer plan from statements to EHCP’s  – you can navigate your way through the site, or find the guidance here:

Pathfinder/DAF information

Early Help

Devon Information and Advice Support have also developed updated information in relation to the changes, including information booklets for parents and carers. They can be seen here:

DISC – Devon’s Family Information Service

or telephone: 0345 155 1013