The CAIRB (Communication and Interaction Resource Base)

For every child, starting at a new school is an important step. If your child has an autistic spectrum disorder you may have particular concerns. This summary is to offer you some guidance about the ways in which we can support your child at Newport Community School.  We are committed to inclusion whereby everyone is valued. We endeavour to create a secure, accepting and collaborating community as the foundation for the highest achievements for all children.

What can we offer your child at Newport Community School?

  • Communication
    We believe in close home/school links as your child progresses through the school. through the use of a daily diary, We encourage each child to share some of their school experiences with you.
  •  Curriculum
    We aim to tailor the curriculum to each child’s individual needs. We provide a diverse range of practical activities that support the learning of your child. We access the local community via visits to local shops/facilities.
  •   Experienced Staff
    We are committed to providing a broad and balanced curriculum by experienced staff. We have direct access to a Speech Therapist, who provides ongoing support and monitoring, and to the school Educational Psychologist.
  •  Supporting Parents
    A parents group has been set up and is run by parents twice termly. The group meets to discuss a range of topics e.g. behaviour management, with the opportunity to share experiences and strategies.
  •  Social Skills Work
    Newport Community School has set up a social skills programme that is followed once a child starts school. Working closely with the speech therapist, the programme has been devised to include the skills of greeting other children and what it means to be a good listener. This is planned to coincide with practical activities in the local community e.g. visits to local shops/trips out.
  •  Family Groups
    Family Groups provide an ideal opportunity for children to experience good role models of communication and social interaction. They also allow children the opportunity to support the younger members of the school community. 
  • Extra Curricular Activities
    There are opportunities for your child to take part in dinnertime club activities. Newport has a well-established breakfast and after school club that offers a range of activities. 
  • Class Placement
    We provide opportunities for your child to visit Newport prior to their starting. We take time to consider the placement of your child in a year group. There is also the opportunity to make a school/home visit so that the cluster group staff can meet your child in the home setting. 
  •  Community
    Newport has strong links with the local community. We are keen that each child, where possible, has the opportunity to be at a school with other children from the same community.