Helpful Websites

We have collated a list of useful websites and placed them in subject areas for ease of reference, together with websites to support parents.

PARENTS – Please be aware that the Academy has not vetted these sites, so please check their content prior to use by your family. The content is ever changing so the Academy accepts no responsibility for the content of these sites.

Art  (you need to click on ‘Children’s Gallery on the left hand toolbar)

Design and Technology


Global Citizenship

We see a Global Citizen as someone who:

  • is aware of the wider world and has a sense of their own role as a world citizen;
  • respects and values diversity;
  • has an understanding of how the world works economically, politically, socially, culturally, technologically and environmentally;
  • is outraged by social injustice;
  • participates in and contributes to the community at a range of levels from local to global;
  • is willing to act to make the world a more sustainable place;
  • takes responsibility for their actions.

Websites for Children linked to Global Citizenship:

Oxfam’s Cool Planet – where you can find out what Oxfam does, about the lives of children around the world, recipes and world food, mapping our world, recycling, fair trade…

Time for Citizenship – a portal for lots of brilliant sites about making the world a better place

Ollie’s World – interactive sustainability resource for children, full of games and activities

CBBC Newsround – Home– what’s going on in the world? Find out here!

Fairtrade – for older Key Stage 2 children to find out about Fairtrade products.


Inclusion  tel: 01392 383080  tel. 0800 056 3666  (Family Information Service)   tel: 0845 225 4073  Positive Parenting and Self Esteem  Positive Parenting and Self Esteem

email to  tel. 01392 680669 1-5pm term time



Maths  good for a range of simple calculations and time, measures for Y1/Y2  lots of links to other sites covering all areas of Maths for all age ranges.   lots of links to other sites – interactive games.   Revision site covering all areas of curriculum  interactive games full range of subjects and levels  interactive games – computation  interactive games including fractions games maths across the age ranges

Modern Foreign Languages (In the Teachers section you can get the words for the songs) (you need to subscribe)



Primary Languages


PSHCE deals with topics of a sensitive nature.  Parents may find resources on these web sites useful when discussing these topics with their children.

A healthy lifestyle is important for both children and adults alike.  Visit this site for a few tips!

We feel it’s important for children to know what’s going on in the world around them.  This website provides a daily news round-up as well as activities, quizzes and useful facts/information.

Religious Education

Science full of some great little experiments with everyday objects you can try at home. organised into age ranges and topics this website can give you opportunities to simulate ideas and test vocabulary with the quizzes. again, great for revising knowledge and understanding of a range of science topics. a whole set of  experiments you can explore at home.  for broadening children’s understanding of the environment around them and some great opportunities to take part in national surveys. linked with the seasons around us, a hundred and one activities to do with science and the natural world.