Home Learning

Home Learning

A thirst for learning and using opportunities inside and outside of the classroom, to further develop understanding, are important elements in a child’s education. For all children, home learning focuses on developing a partnership between parents, carers and school working together to provide the best learning experiences for the children.

Within Early Years into Key Stage 1, there will be short activities of different kinds – simple games, practical research and reading together – providing a very important opportunity for young children to talk about what they are learning and to practise key skills, spelling, multiplication tables and number bonds in a supportive environment. There will be a termly project task set at the beginning of the term, to be developed and completed throughout the term

As children get older, home learning provides an opportunity for them to develop skills of independent learning, and this should increasingly become its main purpose. Home learning activities will cover a range of key skills and curriculum content within a regular weekly schedule and a project home learning task to be developed and completed throughout the term. This approach will benefit their learning and also ensure a smooth transition to Yr7.

Curriculum newsletters are sent home every term informing parents of the term’s curriculum.  Parents are informed of our home learning policy at the induction parents’ meeting.

Home learning would include:-

Key Skills:- an expectation for regular/weekly reading; learning multiplication tables; number bonds and spellings

Literacy and maths activities, which enhance and consolidate the learning in the classroom. In some cases optional suggested websites may be referenced for further learning opportunities

Reading:- an expectation for daily / regular reading;

maintaining a reading log to record frequency and track genres of reading materials

expectation for two parental/ carer signatures per week, with an option for parental / contact / child comment

monthly in depth review/comment on a book read at home, written as part of the Literacy activities

Spelling:- weekly spellings or spelling rule relevant to the year group expectations/ children sent

home, after classroom input

period of time to learn and consolidate spellings or spelling rule at home

weekly test on spellings

Multiplication tables / number facts:- weekly multiplication table facts/ number bonds relevant to

the year group/ children sent home after classroom input/ discussion

period of time to learn and consolidate the multiplication facts /number bonds

weekly test on the multiplication facts/ number bonds

Project home learning (practical and creative) tasks based on the term’s curriculum theme to be presented using suggested areas of the curriculum or the child’s own choice. One focus of the tasks will be on the oral presentation of the project by the child, and feedback will be against the speaking and listening objectives outlined when the task is set.

Skills from the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, in particular focussing on developing oral skills and the ability to communicate effectively with others. Further details and exemplification can be found in the Early Years policy.

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