Ofsted Inspection

Newport Community School Primary Academy is celebrating a second outstanding Ofsted success.  Following on from their inspection in 2008 when the School was graded as ‘Outstanding’, Newport School faced an Ofsted Inspection on 10 and 11 February 2015.  During the inspection 21 lessons were observed by five inspectors and there were meetings with Senior and Middle Leaders, groups of parents and carers, members of the Board of Governors and pupils. In addition, the Inspection Team took account of 95 responses to the on-line questionnaire completed by parents.  The School was graded ‘Outstanding’ in all five categories:  Achievement of Pupils, Quality of Teaching, Behaviour and Safety of Pupils, Early Years and Leadership and Management, and overall the School was deemed to be ‘Outstanding’.  The key Ofsted findings for parents and pupils were that the School is outstanding because:

  • An inspiring headteacher and conscientious leaders ensure this school meets the needs of its community exceptionally well.
  • Pupils’ achievement is above average by the end of Year 2. All groups of pupils, including those who are disadvantaged or who have special educational needs, continue to progress rapidly across the school. This results in well above average attainment in most subjects by the end of Year 6.
  • There is outstanding provision in the early years. Pupils gain an excellent start to their learning.
  • The innovative curriculum provides rich opportunities for learning across a wide range of subjects. Extra-curricular activities are particularly well attended and augment pupils’ enjoyment of school life.
  • There are many opportunities for pupils to develop through their spiritual, moral, social and cultural education. This helps to sustain a nurturing environment in which pupils can thrive and prepares them well for life in modern Britain.
  • Governors have high ambitions for the school. They regularly provide challenge to leaders. As a result, the quality of teaching and pupils’ achievement has improved.
  • Pupils are kept very safe in school; both pupils and their parents are appreciative of the care the school provides.
  • Pupils’ behaviour is excellent, both in class and around school. Pupils help each other, and older pupils readily assume responsibilities for looking after younger ones.
  • Outstanding and inventive teaching inspires pupils to succeed in all areas of their learning. However, some parents expressed concern that the amount of homework set is sometimes not appropriate.
  • As a result of their enjoyment of school, pupils attend well.
  • Leaders make very good use of information about pupils’ progress to ensure all groups of pupils achieve well.
  • The communication and interaction resource base provided for a small number of children with communication and interaction needs, including autistic spectrum disorder conditions provides excellent support and pupils progress very well.


The School was also encouraged to communicate further the Homework Policy to parents.

Headteacher, Andy Cotton, said he was highly delighted with the outcome of this inspection.  The outcomes were just rewards for the hard work and dedication of all members of the Newport family, including pupils, staff, governors, volunteers and parents.  He was especially pleased to see that the inspection team gave credit for recent initiatives, particularly focussing on outstanding teaching and learning and also that the inspection team had endorsed the Academy’s current agenda in terms of curriculum innovation and the drive to enhance early years.

Click here for Ofsted Report February 2015