Starting School

Starting School in the Nursery 

In May 2014 we opened a new building to support the needs of our early years pupils with purpose built facilities.

From September 2015 there will be 78 part time places in the nursery available to 3 and 4 year olds,  with 39 children attending in the morning or afternoon. Some children stay throughout the nursery day with lunchtimes available.

The nursery is part of the foundation stage and uses the statutory guidance from the government which involves learning through play. (see section – foundation stage curriculum)

The staff in the nursery which consist of a teacher in charge, two full time early years supervisors and two part time teaching assistants are employed by the Academy. Often there are students working in the nursery undertaking a range of early childhood courses.

The nursery operates an admission policy (see Academy Policies) and when you are offered a place you and your child will be invited to an induction session which takes place in the nursery. At this induction session you will be able to ask questions and watch
what takes place during a typical session. Home visits are available at this stage and a Prospectus is available from the school office on request. The Prospectus gives further details about admission to the nursery and answers requently asked questions.

The Ethos of the Reception Class

The new reception and year one classrooms opened in May 2014. The reception class at Newport aims to provide a friendly caring atmosphere, where learning of all aspects can take place.

The learning is both formal and play orientated.  Through play, children are able to discover, practise and refine skills in language and mathematics.  They also find out about themselves and their environment.

The children are encouraged to become independent.  Skills fundamental to a child’s development are taught and practised.  Many skills such as reading, sorting and sequencing, using scissors, throwing and catching a ball, singing new songs and rhymes, clay modelling and computer work, are all introduced to the children.

Social development takes place within this play-orientated atmosphere.  They learn how to behave in a classroom situation by being taught to share and co-operate with other children and adults.  They are expected to sit quietly and listen, and to speak at the appropriate time.  They are taught to know what is acceptable and what is not.  high  standards of behaviour are expected of all pupils from the start of school.

Gradually as they mature and feel happy and secure, we aim to develop a  good positive work habit within each child.

We want to ensure that your child has a happy start to school.

Starting School in the Reception Class

Parents and children will be invited to induction sessions where they will be able to ask questions about areas such as uniform and lunchtimes and  meet members of staff.  All pupils enter the reception class together in September each year regardless of birthdays unless parents opt for deferred or part-time entry.

Home visits will be undertaken at this stage for parents whose child was being looked after at home or another nursery/preschool/child minder provider, which helps us form strong relationships with parents and children in their own  homes.  The partnership between home and school is very important in the foundation stage and we encourage parents and carers to talk to the teacher if there are any concerns.

Please refer to the Admission Arrangements in the Academy Policies section under the ‘Our Academy’ tab