Roundswell Community Primary Academy Admissions Process

Admission Arrangements

The Trust has drawn up with the Department for Education an admissions policy after taking into account some initial consultation with the local community. The admissions policy, detailing how people can apply, how places will be allocated in the event of oversubscription, and how people can appeal against any decisions can be found below:

Roundswell Community Primary Academy Admission Arrangements for 2019

More information about the School Admissions Code can be found on the Government website–2 


How to Apply for a Reception Place

If you are interested in a future Reception place at Roundswell Community School Primary Academy to be hosted at Newport Community School Primary Academy for 2019-2020 please  apply for your place using the form below. You will not be able to apply for the Roundswell Community Primary School place using the Devon County Council D-CAF form. You must use the Roundswell Reception place application form below:

Admission Application Form, Roundswell Community Primary Academy

You are encouraged to apply for other schools in case you are unsuccessful with an application for one of thirty places in 2019-2020. Applications for the Nursery and Reception classes (2 classes of 30 pupils) in 2020-21 will need to be made in the Autumn term 2019.

Please note that applying for a place in the Reception class at Newport Community School Primary Academy for September 2020 does not entitle a child to a place at the new school.

If you are applying for a place at Newport Community School Primary Academy you must use the Devon County Council form.

The Roundswell Community Primary Academy will only admit 30 pupils into the Reception year in 2019-20 hosted ant Newport.

In 2020-21 based in the new building the Roundswell Community Primary Academy will admit Nursery children and 60 Reception pupils and each year thereafter the Academy will admit 60 Reception pupils. The Academy is not permitted by the Department for Education to admit pupils in other year groups.