Y6 Eden Project Trip, 12th June 2018

Exciting Eden!

On Tuesday 12th June, Year 6 adventured through the rainforest biome after being inspired by Charles Darwin’s theories on animal and plant adaptations. Not only did they experience the true humidity and stifling heat of a rainforest environment but the challenge was also on to find as many different plants on their given map and record how the plant was adapted to its environment from its observable characteristics – some groups managed to find all of the plants on the map within just 45 minutes!

As well as this, year 6 had the opportunity to look at the ‘Titan Arum’ (also known as ‘corpse plant’) which has recently made national news; the plant can grow for up to 10 years but only blooms for 48 hours! The plant bloomed on Sunday at Eden and year 6 managed to catch a last minute glimpse of the plant in bloom although we didn’t get to sample the foul smell that it produces… it is likened to rotting flesh!