At Newport Community School Primary Academy, we want to encourage an active learning orientation for all pupils through the following:

  • Belief that effort leads to success

  • Helping children to use their creative skills

  • Enabling children to be confident in making mistakes and taking risks

  • Allowing children to have involvement at times in the direction of their learning

  • Equipping children with the belief in their ability to improve and learn

  • Preference for providing challenging tasks – the learning struggle

  • Encouraging personal satisfaction from success at difficult tasks

  • Providing opportunities for children to use problem solving and self-instruction when engaged in tasks

  • Ensuring children have concern for improving their own competence

  • Developing children’s skills of self-discipline

  • Staff engagement for themselves in all of the above.


Overview of the Academy’s Curriculum

  • The core areas of learning at NCSPA are mathematics, literacy, science and technology (including IT and Computing), and physical health and well-being. These are supplemented by the foundation areas of learning of primary languages, humanities, the creative arts and faith and belief. Creativity, IT, literacy skills, oracy and global learning run through all areas of learning and are encompass the planned curriculum.

  • The following diagram details the way in which we strive to present the curriculum as a whole to the learners of NCSPA:  


For more information on our curriculum see our Learning & Teaching Policy or contact  Mr Matt Crewe (Deputy Headteacher) at school