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New To Nursery

Click on the video link to watch a clip from our Nursery.

Our Nursery Setting

We are lucky to have a wonderful bright open Nursery setting with direct access to our outside area where children can spend time playing, learning and developing in a secure, safe space with qualified adults ensuring their wellbeing.

A Nursery Session 

  • Self -register, order lunch & settle in 

  • Register & story time 

  • Planned & self-chosen activities – indoor and outdoor play 

  • Group time 

  • Singing & changing books 

  • Lunch/home time 

What to Wear 

  • Children are encouraged to wear a green school T Shirt & sweatshirt or cardigan. To order uniform follow the link

  • Practical & hard wearing sturdy shoes with straps/Velcro and closed in toes 

  • Waterproof coveralls, wellies and sunhats are provided. 

Please encourage your child to be independent with dressing and putting on shoes.  

Healthy Lunchbox 

School lunches are available to book in the morning on arrival. These are paid online through My Child at School.  The menu can be found on our homepage on the website. You could be entitled to register for Free School Meals. Please click here  to find out more information.

If your child has a packed lunch we encourage this to be a healthy one. Here are some ideas:  

  • Brown/wholemeal bread/pitta 

  • Crackers 

  • At least one portion of fruit or vegetables/dried fruit/seeds 

  • No sweets!  

  • One small cake/chocolate bar

Your Child Will Need: 

  • One piece of fresh fruit for each session in a small labelled pot/bag 

  • Indoor shoes if have worn boots 

  • Hair tied up 

  • Coat 

  • Sensible clothing/uniform 

  • No jewellery 

  • Change of clothes 

  • No home toys please! 

If your child is ill / reporting absence

Please inform the school office – email/phone call if your child will not be attending a nursery session.  

If your child requires us to give them medicine – please complete a form, these can be downloaded from our website

If your child is poorly during a session we will contact you to collect your child. 

Bumps, Scrapes & Bruises – keeping your child safe 

If your child has a bump to the head or scrape – nursery staff will let you know when you collect your child.  

If your child has an injury eg a bruise on the head or a large cut – then please let staff know about this. As part of safeguarding children we will ask you and your child what happened. 

Useful information

Term Dates

To find out term dates please click here.




Speech and Language

Bladder and Bowel information

Special Educational Needs & Early Help


Pupil premium

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