Being online is a key part of modern life for both adults and children. The internet provides many new opportunities but also has potential risks. At Newport, we are committed to minimising the risks by providing regular and up-to-date safeguarding advice with regards to staying safe online.

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What are risks to children?

• Access to illegal, harmful or inappropriate images or other content

• Unauthorised access to / loss of / sharing of personal information  

• The risk of being subject to grooming by those with whom they make contact on the internet. 

• The sharing / distribution of personal images without an individual’s consent or knowledge  

• Inappropriate communication / contact with others, including strangers  

• Cyber-bullying 

• Access to unsuitable video / internet games  

• An inability to evaluate the quality, accuracy and relevance of information on the internet  

• Plagiarism and copyright infringement  

• Illegal downloading of music or video files 

• The potential for excessive use which may impact on the social and emotional development and learning of the young person.

It is impossible to eliminate these risks completely. However, we can build pupils’ and adults’ understanding in order to develop the confidence and skills to face and deal with these risks.


Useful Links, Tips and Resources for Parents/Carers:


Please find useful information below which is regularly updated. If you would like any further advice or you are worried about a child's safety online - please speak either to your child's class teacher, Ed Sherwin (IT Leader) or Gillian Courtenay (Safeguarding Lead).


Finding fun games, learning cool new things, and talking to your friends is what the internet is for. But just like in real life, you have to be smart and safe.

Google safe search- provides a highly filtered search engine.

Provides information about a range of safety issues.

Provides a helpline, links to a free O2 guru, and online parent safety workshops covered by the NSPCC.

Provides a wide range of advice about keeping your children safe when they are using the internet and using social media, apps, games and more.

Provides a huge wealth of information in age appropriate format. Well worth a look.

Provides tips for how to set up controls and privacy.

It provides links to things like parental controls, guides to current games and devices, support for cyber bullying. Includes advice for adults in specific roles (eg foster carers and adoptive parents, school governors and trustees).

Useful site to share with your children. It covers a wide range of online safety matters in a child friendly format.

Useful site for young children.

Provides guidelines for setting up parental controls for a range of apps and devices including SnapChat and WhatsApp

Provides a review of apps and games in terms of online safety.

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