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Vision &


Our aims are to: 

  • ensure all children enjoy achieving their potential 

  • support the development of the whole child 

  • raise aspirations for all pupils to achieve high outcomes in their learning from their starting point

  • develop children's understanding of the world and their contribution to it 

  • prepare children for their next stage of learning 

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Respect-1 (7).jpg

Our curriculum: 

We achieve our aims by delivering an ambitious curriculum that is built upon: 

  • the National Curriculum 

  • Development Matters 

  • the Relationships, Health and Sex Education curriculum 

  • The Religious Education curriculum  

It is delivered through inspiring and engaging units of learning underpinned by our ethos and learning values which lead to purposeful and meaningful outcomes.  This curriculum is matched to individual children's needs and is aspirational for all. 

Our values: 

Our ethos value is respect. 

We create a culture of respect through a strong sense of community where everyone is valued, feels safe and is understood as an individual.  We communicate positively and with kindness, celebrating successes and enjoying learning together. 


Confident learners: 

  • are resilient 

  • are positive 

  • are independent  

  • have a voice 

Collaborative learners: 

  • listen to others 

  • question  

  • reason  

  • contribute 

Innovative learners are: 

  • inquisitive 

  • reflective 

  • creative 

  • risk takers 

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