Reporting an absence

Parents/carers are requested to contact the school office as early as possible on the day of absence with a reason for absence. If no contact has been made by 9.15am the school office will phone to ensure your child’s safety.

For your child to make the best possible progress and development at school it is important they attend school every day. 

Attendance and punctuality are an important part of preparing children for future education and adult working life.

• Non urgent medical/dental and other appointments should be arranged out of school hours. Parents are requested to provide a medical card/letter for authorisation of the absence.

• Absence which hasn’t been explained will remain as unauthorised.

• When children have had more than 5 individual periods of illness in one school year parents/carers will be asked to provide medical evidence for the illness to be authorised and a meeting with the leader for supporting children with medical needs.

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