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At Newport Community School Primary Academy we believe children should wear school uniform because it:


  • Promotes a sense of pride in the school

  • Assists in maintaining the focus of the Academy’s work on learning

  • Gives a sense of community and belonging to the school

  • Ensures children present as being equal in appearance

  • Is designed with health and safety in mind



The school colours are green, white, yellow and black/grey.

School Uniform supplier is Price and Buckland


  • Trousers/shorts/skirt/pinafore – Black/grey school trousers

  • Summer dress – yellow/green gingham/ candy stripe –

  • Shirt, polo shirt, blouse– White or yellow

  • Academy sweatshirts/cardigan with Academy badge on – Emerald green

  • Socks / tights – plain white, grey or black 

  • Belts – Plain black or brown

  • Shoes Plain flat black leather/leather like (Please no open toed sandals, boots, trainers or sling back sandals)

  • A green Academy hat may be worn in the summer (compulsory in hot sunny weather)


PE Kit

  • Academy Tracksuit – compulsory in Y3 – 6, optional in YR-2

  • Black school PE top as supplied by Price and Buckland, except for Y6 Pupils in 2019/20

  • Black shorts

  • White sports socks

  • Trainers (not plimsolls)

A reading bag is given to each child in nursery or reception and replaced in year 3.


We also ask that:

  • Long hair is tied up at all times.

  • Hair bands should be plain green or yellow and appropriate to the uniform. Head scarves and other adornments are not permitted unless for religious or cultural reasons.

  • For safety reasons children must not wear bracelets, brooches or necklaces.

  • Children may wear watches, but must be responsible for them.

  • Children with pierced ears may wear stud ear piercings only. These studs should be removed or taped by the child before P.E. lessons.

  • Make-up, transfer tattoos and nail varnish should not be worn at school. Pupils will be asked to remove the make up at school or sent home if this is not possible to carry out easily.

Nursery Children

 Children in the Academy’s nursery are encouraged to wear an Academy green T-shirt and sweatshirt each day. Parents may choose other clothing to suit.


School Uniform Suppliers

 A school uniform shop was established 2013-14 to sell used items of clothing. The used items, donated by parents, are regularly sold.


All items of new clothing will be available from the School Office via our supplier Price and Buckland. Orders will be collected by the School Office at regular intervals and sent off to our supplier for return. Emergency orders are available direct to the supplier, but postage and delivery costs will be incurred. The School will stock sample items for sizing purposes and a small stock will be kept for real emergencies, but stock cannot be guaranteed. Parents are advised to plan well ahead when replacing uniform.