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Through our History curriculum, children at Newport Community School Primary Academy learn about the past and reflect on the impact specific historical figures and events have on their lives today. 


Where appropriate, links will be made with other subjects through a Learning Exploration, but where links are not meaningful, teachers will plan discrete units of History. Children take part in historical enquiries that develop their ability to devise historically valid open-ended questions within and across different historical period and plan how to answer these using a range of primary and secondary sources that might supply different perspectives. They are encouraged to reach their own conclusions and justify them with evidence, reflecting on the enquiry process. 

In the exploration of the historical concepts of chronology, continuity and change, cause and consequence, similarity and difference, significance, interpretation and perspective, and reliability, children are encouraged to ask questions, consider different viewpoints and by revisiting the historical concepts, they build a coherent understanding of the history of Britain and beyond through their time at school. 

Teachers plan carefully so that by learning to describe and compare the social, cultural, religious and ethnic diversity in Britain and the wider world at different time periods studied, children are introduced to significant individuals in the past with an awareness of the need to ensure a diverse range of individuals are included in their History learning. 

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