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At Newport Community School Primary Academy, we support children in accessing online content safely, with a focus on online safety including cyber bullying being a key part of the IT and Computing curriculum each term. We use Project EVOLVE to support e-safety, and link this to our PSHE curriculum where possible. Safer Internet Day is recognised each year, with children across the school taking part in e-safety activities. 

Children learn about concepts and approaches: Programming, Sequencing, Tinkering, Selection, Repetition/Iteration, Variables, Inputs, Outputs, Control, Data, Simulation, Computer networks, Internet, Search technologies and Logic. Children will also develop their knowledge and skills in the use of different technologies for programming, communication and data handling with resources such as the MS Office suite, web browsers,, Scratch and QR code creators. 

To support their work in IT and Computing, children have regular access to hardware including Bee-Bots, iPads and Surface Gos. 

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