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At Newport Community School Primary Academy, both within PE lessons and the broader curriculum, we promote physical activity as a requirement for a healthy lifestyle. Indoor and outdoor PE lessons allow children to develop a range of physical skills which will enable them to have choices when they are older when considering their preferred method of physical activity. 

Our school provides opportunities for children to try a range of competitive and non-competitive activities, including swimming, dance, gymnastics, athletics, invasion games, net/wall games and striking and fielding games. We take the opportunities provided by our local area to offer activities such as surfing, as well as residential trips that focus on outdoor and adventurous activities. 

The PE curriculum teaches children the importance of fair play and the elements of competitive and non-competitive activities through sports competitions and festivals. And offers children the opportunity to work on teamwork and collaboration. 

All children are offered an extra-curricular programme of sports and activities, including those delivered by external coaches, which aims to increase participation levels as well as develop performance levels for competitive environments. Children in Phase 1 have access to ride-on equipment in continuous provision, and are offered Balanceability sessions to increase confidence on two wheels, while our Phase 3 children are offered Bikeability sessions which culminate in learning to ride safely on the road. 

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