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Entertainingly Different Workshops

Year One and Year Four have each had a really exciting session with Rob Pudner, from Entertainingly Different, this week.

Year One had a fantastic storytelling session from Rob, where they shared and joined in with stories.

"It was super fun!" - KC

"He told us about a mouse that wasn't very good - that's why it was really funny! - NW

Year Five experienced a drama workshop where they explored what it would be like to be real-life settlers, culminating in a fierce debate!

"We designed out own town on Greenia or Grainia. They are the two islands that Rob told us about." - EG

"We had to choose a side if we were for or against a bridge connecting Greenia and Grainia. One had factories and supermarkets and one was self-sufficient and clean" - PW

All children will have sessions with Rob over the coming term. NCSPA is funding these sessions to build pupils' cultural capital through exposure to and experience of performing arts. We look forward to seeing Rob in school again, and hope your child enjoys their session with him.

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