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Gardening Club Wildflower Seeds

This week in gardening club we decided to plant some wildflower seeds. There was an area of ground that had lots of weeds in so to speed up the process we used some cardboard! We placed the cardboard on top of the weeds and then watered it. For a while, it felt like we were trying to grow cardboard! We then turned it over and watered the other side. After that, we covered the cardboard in compost and then scattered our wildflower seeds. The cardboard should stop the weeds underneath growing but in time will break gown and allow the roots of the wildflowers to creep through to the soil below.

We also visited our raised bed planter to see how our potatoes were coming along. We couldn't believe how much they had grown. We are still in need of watering cans if you have any spare at home that you are not using.

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