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Reception Cleaning Up Our Mud, Mess and Mixtures

Reception have been cleaning up from all the 'mud, mess and mixtures' we've been exploring our learning through this term. They experimented with soap and 'germs' to see how the germs react to washing with soap compared to no soap. It turns out, we need soap! So, they made posters to remind people to wash their hands after going to the toilet.

The dolls have had their teeth cleaned, hair washed, dried, and dressed. The children grated up hard soap and whisked it up to make bubbles for a nice bath.

We learnt the difference between fact and fiction with lots of facts about how animals keep clean just like we do. The children made their own facts and tried to trick us with some fiction as well. We learnt about how monkeys groom each other's hair, so they made a hairdresser shop to style hair in.

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