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Year 1 Exmoor Zoo Visit

To finish our theme on Claws, paws, wings and fins, we have had a visit from Exmoor Zoo!

We found out about the different senses that the animals use to help them survive. We even got to meet some of the animals!

Our first animal was a Giant African Land Snail. When we touched it, it felt bumpy but smooth.

Next, we saw a millipede. It was really wiggly but it didn't move very fast.

After that we saw a tenrec. These animals look like hedgehogs but come from Madagascar.

We then saw a scorpion. We weren't allowed to touch this one but we discovered that when you shine a light on it, they would glow in the dark.

After that we saw a corn snake. Not everybody wanted to touch the snake.

Finally, we saw a tawny owl.we all got to stroke the owl and then we saw it fly across the hall. It was amazing!

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