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At Newport Community School Primary Academy, teaching staff deliver a Primary Languages curriculum rich in skills and knowledge to help develop children’s ability to communicate in a foreign language (French). We enable our pupils to gain a deeper understanding of the world around them and become immersed in another country’s culture, developing their curiosity about the world and building their confidence to communicate in another language. Drawing connections with the teaching of languages at local secondary schools, our aim is to equip children with the skills they need to be ready for languages education beyond primary as well as develop an appreciation for the culture and customs of another country.


In EYFS, children begin their learning journey in Primary Languages by engaging in French through stories, rhymes and songs. Later in school, Primary Languages may be used as part of a Learning Explorations to supplement learning and build connections between foci in other subjects and the French language.  

In KS2, Primary Languages learning follows the Primary French Project scheme of learning, as it offers a broad, rich curriculum developed by specialist linguists while providing resources to support planning and preparation for teachers who may not be fluent French speakers to allow them to deliver quality Primary Languages sessions. 

Where possible, native and fluent French speaking visitors are invited into school to support the teaching of Primary Languages. 

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