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Nursery Home Learning Ideas

Please repeat these activities over and over again, repetition is important for children to grasp and develop skills. These are only suggestions, most importantly we want you and your children to have fun together. We look forward to hearing what challenges the children have tried. 

We've added a few more activities for you to try, we hope you enjoy giving them a go!

Mrs Bailey reading 'Our House'
nursery activity 1 2.PNG
nursery activity 3 2.PNG
nursery activity 4.PNG

What do you do with the spare socks? These bean bags are fantastic!

nursery activity 2 2.PNG

Spring Reading challenge

Challenge 1 - Sing along to a nursery rhyme. There are lots of nursery rhymes available online.

Challenge 2 - Help an adult follow the instructions to make an Easter recipe e.g Easter nests.

Challenge 3 - Visit the Book Trust website   Search for story books to read online and listen to a story.

Challenge 4 -Visit the Book Trust website—  Search for kids games to play and choose a game to play with an adult.

Challenge 5 - Visit Phonics and play a free game (Phase 1).


Challenge 6 - Share a great book and talk about what you have read in the book.

Story luck dip

Put together a story bag, either using pictures drawn/stuck onto pieces of card, or small toys/objects from around the house. Get your child to pull them out one by one and use them as a narrative props to make up your own stories.

Polar Bear Polar Bear, what do you hear?

This is a story we enjoyed sharing in Nursery. Can you remember the sign for Polar Bear?

Watch the story come to life!
Can you:
growl like a Polar bear,
roar like a lion, 🦁
snort like a hippopotamus 🦛
try fluting like a flamingo 🦩
try braying like a zebra 🦓
hiss like a snake 🐍
try trumpeting like an elephant 🐘
snarl like a leopard 🐆
yelp like a peacock 🦚
and bellow like a walrus
Have fun!😊

Sing a rainbow 🌈

Watch one of our favourite signing songs. Have a go, can you remember all the colours?


We’re going on a bear hunt!

Watch one of our favourite stories in nursery. Can you remember the words and actions? Have a go joining in.

We’re going on a colour hunt!

Look at the colour dots in the picture can you name them all?

colour dots.jpg

Can you go on a colour hunt and find things that are the same colour?

Count how many things you’ve found.


We made some delicious cookies in nursery and here is the recipe. Watch out they really do expand and make BIG cookies!



A simple playdough recipe you can have fun making at home.


How loud can you ‘Roar’?  

Sign along with one of our favourite signing songs in nursery.

Some ideas to help your child get their daily dose of active play:

  • Tag or chase: For variety, hop, waddle, or dance instead of running

  • Catch, kick or roll a ball (experiment with balls of different sizes and textures)

  • Crawling through a cardboard-box tunnel

  • Dancing: Add scarves or ribbons to make it more exciting

  • Andys Wild Workout -

  • Indoor obstacle course: Build one together using sofa cushions, hula hoops (to jump in and out of), chairs lined up to form a tunnel etc.

  • What’s the time Mr Wolf? game.

  • Bean game – a favourite at nursery especially with Mrs Malyn. Can be played on the spot or if in a garden moving around.  Call out the different types of beans and complete the action.

      Runner bean – running on the spot as fast as you can.

      Jumping bean – jump up and down

      Baked bean – curl up into a ball on the floor as small as you can.

      String bean – stretch up to the sky really high on your tip toes.

      Broad bean – legs and arms wide open trying to make yourself really big.

      (String and broad bean actions when done together create a star jump!)

      Jelly bean – make your whole body wobble and wiggle like jelly


Useful websites/blogs:

ABC does blog link :  Some great ideas for activities to do at home.


Singing hands videos on youtube, lots to choose from Nursery Rhymes to Pop songs. You do not have to subscribe there are lots available on youtube.

Jolly phonics website some useful resources but also a good explanation of what phonics is.


Jolly Phonics songs, the children have learnt up to the sound ‘b’ but there are more sounds on this video if they wish to learn more.






Oxford Owl has some great stories and activities -


Check out BBC Schools radio, they have some great listening and singing programmes

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