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At Newport Community School Primary Academy, we use the PLAN resources to support planning and assessment of Science that helps children develop a sense of excitement about Science. This is achieved by using an enquiry-based approach with a clear focus on the development of Science skills and knowledge. This enquiry-based approach gives children the opportunity to develop their creativity through asking questions, planning investigations and finding solutions to problems. Planning and carrying out enquiries and investigations allows children to develop independence of thought and the ability to reflect upon and review their ideas and understanding. This approach is cyclical, allowing children to continually build upon their knowledge, understanding and skills year upon year.  

Teachers use visual symbols to support the development of children’s skills in working scientifically, with different symbols to represent asking questions, making predictions, setting up tests, observing and measuring, recording data, interpreting and communicating results and evaluating. Teachers may also use resources such as concept cartoons and online resources such as Explorify to support and deepen children’s understanding. 

Science is linked to other subjects through Learning Explorations where links are purposeful. Children are taught a bank of subject-specific vocabulary which they will revisit and build on regularly to become secure in using these words accurately. Trips and visitors to enhance the curriculum are planned wherever possible to support children’s Science learning. 

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