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Reception Busy Week!

This week has been another busy week in Reception, we have hooked back to our previous skills of spreading, grating and cutting to create puff pastry 'swirly' snails. We have enjoyed eating these very much!

We have been following written instructions to measure and make salt dough. We needed to use our fine motor skills to knead and roll the dough before imprinting with shells. We found that we could use the inside or the outside of the shell to create a print. The finished salt dough is ready to paint.

As part of our Talk for Writing cycle, this week is our invent week where we are applying what we have learnt about the story structure of The Snail and the Whale to create our own story maps. We are very excited about our trip to the theatre next week where we will watch The Snail and the Whale being performed in Exeter!

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