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Year 5 Brilliant Barnstaple Trip

To kick start their Brilliant Barnstaple exploration, Year 5 visited The Guildhall in town and went on a tour of Barnstaple town centre. Year 5 discovered lots of facts about the history of Barnstaple - particularly linked to the importance of trade in Barnstaple's history. All of the children were fully engaged in exploring primary sources to deduce further historical information. The children also had the opportunity to make a piece of their own pottery after learning about the importance of pottery in the trade history of Barnstaple. Also, the children and the adults learnt lots about the history of Barnstaple during the town tour! During the afternoon, the children took part in a mock trial where we saw some fantastic drama skills displayed by the children. We would like to thank all of the members of Barnstaple Town Council who organised the day for us.

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